Leo Luani

Year of Personal Growth and Dedication! 2016 will bring a new beginning for you Leo. The Lion will return to its roots and personal growth is to take place from there onwards. However, there will be some factors that will not be to your liking, but you will learn to conquer the feeling of dislike. Since you will be going back to your routine, you will want to add a bit of spice to your life, as you love to turn things from boring to extraordinary. The element of spice will provide you with more opportunities and will keep you from becoming stagnant. Your passion is the fire, which ignites you from within and encourages you to move ahead with courage.

Career and Work

Your knowledge and strength will be put to the test when it comes to your career and work. You will have to make some important decisions in regards to them, starting your own business is an opportunity you should consider. If you find yourself in charge of a big project or if you receive a client that will drive your business to success, it will not be something you did not expect, you deserve it. Make sure you have everyone involved in work as much as you are involved in, do not leave anyone behind, as some of them possess insights which will come in handy.

You will be given the opportunity to show your creativity, courage, confidence, and other abilities that are no longer to be kept encaged. Finances will be more stable than you initially had in mind. You will be able to play around with them, making the most out of the situation. Consider investments for your future, there will be opportunities that will come knocking on your door involving plans. Although investing large sums can destabilize you for a short period, it will not affect your overall financial stability. With luck as good as yours, you can expect multinational businesses and foreigners to give you a visit.

Love and Relationships

Relationships can scare you a bit deep down inside, the road has not been easy for you in the past Leo. There has been a constant shuffle of people in your lives; there have been some coming and some leaving. It can be hard for you to get over this feeling and it makes it even more difficult for you to put your trust on someone, making it hard for you to have a perception of who to keep at an arm's length.

Now, in 2016, it is time for you to keep your head held high and finally decide what you want. You will decide whom you want to keep in your life, or discard. In terms of relationships, you will be the one who will be looking for specific qualities in the other person. Some disappointments will be present. However, you shall be in command Leo!

You may feel at a point that you are not ready for commitment, its okay if you feel that way. With many people coming and going out of your life, things can seem difficult. This is when you will decide what you want for yourself and if you are ready to be in a relationship for long-term commitment. Even if you are not ready, you may want to keep an open mind and openly accept all possibilities, you may just find yourself in some exciting situations.

For relationships already existing, with your family bonds, there will be new beginnings. You may be ready to take the next step with your beloved and for those happily hitched, there will be some good news coming soon! There will be major home improvements as well, considering renovating or moving lately? Go for it! This will keep things interesting for you and the family, moving or shifting will allow you to enjoy a new atmosphere together and try exotic destinations which you will love. It may be just what some of your relationships are looking for, breathing space and new interests.

You will be open-minded throughout the year regarding the relationships and individuals surrounding in the forth-coming year. Stay honest with them, even if it means that they will drift apart after hearing the truth. You are a true believer and you know that if it was meant to be, the draft would not have been there in the first place.


Beware Leo! This coming year of 2016 will be critical and delicate for you in terms of health. You should not only consider letting go of harmful habits, but you should be over them for good. The start of the year will bring difficulties in health, while things will start to stabilize near May. After it, your health will see more stability, but that still does not mean that you should only give up your bad habits for a couple of months only.

You may need to change your diet and routine if you want the first couple of months to go with ease. Listen to your body, hit the gym, if not possible, consider getting fit at home. So, don't lose heart if you are facing some health issues in the first couple of weeks of the New Year. By preparing yourself in advance, you can save yourself from the heartache, which can cause consequences if not handled with seriousness and maturity.

Start the New Year with a light heart and do not let the tough times break you down. Remember, life is a rollercoaster, after all the loops, topsy turvys, and adventures, your ultimate destination of a happy and healthy year will arrive. Motivate yourself and light the passion and desire of a healthy and long life within yourself.

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