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Ace of Wands Seven of Pentacles The Sun Four of Pentacles The Hermit Five of Wands The Emperor
Ace of Wands Seven of Pentacles The Sun Four of Pentacles The Hermit Five of Wands The Emperor
Ace of Wands
Do something different, and be alert or receptive to new ideas. Act on the alternatives that will be presented. A new start or way of life will be realized soon.
Seven of Pentacles
Don't attempt to take on more than is yet safe or sound. New ideas will come to the fore that will help you carry on or ensure a successful outcome.
The Sun
Nothing will be clear or resolved at this point, and business mergers or personal unions will not come to pass or work out as you had envisioned. Keep an open mind and the truth shall set you free.
Four of Pentacles
You will establish a new approach or foundation, but in romantic affairs, you will remain detached or non committed until you see which way the ball is going to bounce.
The Hermit
You will accomplish most of your goals and emerge into a new plateau of potentiality, yet this is only the first step of your unfoldment and there's much more ahead to be achieved.
Five of Wands
Look at defects and correct them. Reform some of your ideas or attitudes, and choose from a win instead of a lose point of view. Don't compromise or accept defeat.
The Emperor
You can expect good fortune in material affairs or employment matters, a positive turning of the tide in the romantic department, and most, if not all, of your goals will be achieved.
Illustrations are from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.
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