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Ace of Pentacles Strength Eight of Wands Six of Wands The Moon Knight of Pentacles Eight of Pentacles
Ace of Pentacles Strength Eight of Wands Six of Wands The Moon Knight of Pentacles Eight of Pentacles
Ace of Pentacles
Keep an optimistic attitude and let time be the deciding factor. Take time out to play and don't be afraid to spend a little money on pleasurable pursuits or enjoyable commodities.
You will overcome all obstacles, and nothing will keep you from advancing toward your goals because you will have the kind of inner fortitude that nothing can defeat.
Eight of Wands
Advancement, movement and travel for work or pleasure is indicated and an aura of romance will prevail. If a significant love affair doesn't begin, you'll at least be charmed by an admirer or two.
Six of Wands
Both personally and professionally, people will be friendly, cooperative and supportive. Good news concerning something you've been waiting for can also be expected.
The Moon
This could be a perilous time for you. An upsetting incident or disappointment may be unavoidable. Be cautious and follow your inner light. In the end, change will bring a new perspective and a new you.
Knight of Pentacles
An open, honest, direct communication could turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary experience. Follow your heart, your hunches or your gut reaction and your efforts will be rewarded in more ways than one.
Eight of Pentacles
You'll have small successes but don't try to force issues as this is not a time to assert yourself. Romance, however, could light up your life, and you could make a difference in the life of another.
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