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Page of Cups Five of Pentacles Ace of Wands King of Swords Queen of Pentacles Eight of Pentacles Ten of Wands
Page of Cups Five of Pentacles Ace of Wands King of Swords Queen of Pentacles Eight of Pentacles Ten of Wands
Page of Cups
You'll succeed in work that's done behind the scenes, self-help areas or finishing what others start, but don't bite off more than you can chew in your passion to go forward or you'll find things hard to swallow.
Five of Pentacles
Drop any preconceived notions or expectations in romantic matters because your hopes will not be realized. Concentrate on business, trade or commerce, because that's where you will prosper.
Ace of Wands
Do something different, and be alert or receptive to new ideas. Act on the alternatives that will be presented. A new start or way of life will be realized soon.
King of Swords
Still your unruly thoughts and don't respond in a preconditioned way. Be impartial, unprejudiced and nonjudgmental. You could discover a new way of relating that allows you to see through the eyes of others.
Queen of Pentacles
Clarify your objectives and when faced with a circumstance you previously would have bent under, recognize it as an opportunity to be at cause instead of effect and press through it.
Eight of Pentacles
You'll have small successes but don't try to force issues as this is not a time to assert yourself. Romance, however, could light up your life, and you could make a difference in the life of another.
Ten of Wands
In business or material affairs, wait until the proper action becomes evident. Until then, persevere or finish what you started. In matters of the heart, don't waste time on an impossible relationship.
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