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The Devil Death Queen of Swords The Sun Seven of Cups The High Priestess Eight of Pentacles
The Devil Death Queen of Swords The Sun Seven of Cups The High Priestess Eight of Pentacles
The Devil
Problems could multiply today and your perception may be clouded. Don't forge ahead blindly. Slow down, plan carefully, and proceed with caution.
Let go of situations that no longer serve a purpose in your evolution. A new order will be established and like the Phoenix, you will rise up out of your own ashes and begin again.
Queen of Swords
Conditions beyond your control could hamper your accomplishments. Have faith, stay emotionally detached and do the best you can. Earthly desires must be sometimes be sacrificed to make room for a Divine plan.
The Sun
Nothing will be clear or resolved at this point, and business mergers or personal unions will not come to pass or work out as you had envisioned. Keep an open mind and the truth shall set you free.
Seven of Cups
Something could upset your plans or cause you to feel traumatized or uncentered. Steering clear of negative thinking and focusing on solutions will bring a resolution and peace of mind.
The High Priestess
Be committed to your goal and let nothing divert you from attaining it. Recognize the patterns that have sabotaged you in the past and cut them off. Help will come if you need it.
Eight of Pentacles
You'll have small successes but don't try to force issues as this is not a time to assert yourself. Romance, however, could light up your life, and you could make a difference in the life of another.
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